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Poster: cosmicharlie Date: Aug 14, 2006 5:56pm
Forum: democracy_now Subject: new forum for all this...

"White people are not the crown of creation"

Nor are Blacks, Arab's, Chinese or any other race or nationality.

"They didn't attack anyone and the authorities could have swooped in just for him during his morning jogs"

Agreed- but when the lawful agents came to arrest him they were attacked and some killed by 50cal machine guns.

"Collateral damage is murder -- pure and simple no matter what religion you claim"

Tell that to Hammas & Hezbollah, they LOVE and instigate collateral damage and the propaganda it gives them. Concerning collateral damage by Israel, I put on Hezbollah. Much like the crimminal in a gun fight is blamed (rightfully so) If a cop accidentaly kills a bystander. The "bad" guy caused the situation and HE is the murderer-DUH!

"I actually believe in self protection, but really keep things in perspective. Our country has killed far more than what we lost, speaking an eye for an eye, and didn't even specifically target the suspected perps. No, we "had" to destroy one country then lie to murder and destroy another that had nothing to to with it"

So what? In war you are supposed to kill more of them then us. Overwellming force is how some battles are won against the evil ones. I hope we or someone can destroy Iran's capability to ever enslave others-funny how you probagate the crap of "we bad -they good" myth.

"Zombies can justify torture and murder all they want but they're often chickenhawks who don't have to live with the memories and nightmares that haunt them in this world and maybe the next. Sending young people into unjust wars without good equipment or after care denigrates the honor of military service"

Yup! those Jihadist zombies have no nightmares or memories that they have to "live" with. Its the will of Allah and they kill and murder with impunity, they live for the Jihad and all such terror that gives US nightmare's which is because we are much more civilized and loving as a whole.
99.99% of our volunteer soldiers there are brave and good people, fighting for freedom and liberty. They sure as hell are not death cult zombies like the Jihadists.
You've been fed a bunch of crap by interests that hate and are jeleous of western culture and religious freedom >
who are also backed by commie-socialists who simply want revolution. Now tell me your view on Castro, Chavez and the other butchers. True peace, bro
And check your bible, the transalation is "Thou shalt not murder" (not kill) there is a big difference, pal.
They murder us in Iraq, we kill them and send them to Alah and the 72 virgins. Killing in self defense is NOT murder and this is self defense of a global scale!! hooah!!